Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Vegas blew big balls...I know, I know it should have been fun but work kept us locked up from 7am to like 9pm at night so I barely saw the sun and since I am carrying my husbands spawn I couldn't even enjoy the night life.

Only good thing that happened is a club promoter approached my friend and I am wanted to comp us in and some drinks. It felt great to be approached considering I feel like a bloated, pregnant loser, LOL.

Yeah that was the only thing good about the week....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vegas + Work = Crap

So I am going to Vegas for a week for work....now before you get all excited please remember two things.

1. It is for work so we will be in conference rooms all day and night
2. I am pregnant..

So this trip is going to suck balls and basically I cannot do anything sinful in Sin city and will have a 3 hour jet lag.

Sorry to be a pain and so whiney but to go to Vegas under these circumstances is just plain cruel. I have gone before for a bachelorette party and that is how you do Vegas.